Non-invasive but time consuming


Depending on the severity, type or underlying cause of incontinence, your doctor may recommend these treatments first to help strengthen and train your pelvic floor and bladder.

  • Bladder Training: It is possible to train the bladder to hold out for longer and longer periods between bathroom visits. You may begin bladder training by holding off for 10 minutes once you have the urge to urinate and then slowly increase the amount of time until you are going every two to four hours.
  • Fluid Management: Having a reasonable fluid intake, drinking less, avoiding coffee, tea, caffeinated sodas and alcohol.
  • Double Voiding: Urinating twice – once you urinate you wait a few minutes and urinate again to release any residual urine.
  • Scheduled Trips to the Restroom: Urinating every two to four hours instead of waiting for the urge to go to the bathroom.