InTone is a medical device used to treat all forms of female urinary incontinence. It was created by InControl Medical, and combines two proven treatments for urinary incontinence to achieve the ultimate effectiveness. With the use of InTone, you can treat your incontinence from your own home and without having to worry about pain or potential surgery.

InTone Incontinence Treatment

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The device uses an inflatable probe that assists to deliver electrical muscle stimulation to your muscle wall end ensure that your muscles contract properly. Your doctor can help you to customize the fit of your InTone device so that you can avoid any potential discomfort.

How does it work?

InTone uses vaginal muscle stimulation, which strengthens your body’s pelvic floor muscles and prevents spasms in the bladder muscle. Strong pelvic floor muscles allow you to cough, laugh, run and more without having to worry about symptoms of stress incontinence, and preventing bladder spasms reduces instances of uncontrollable urges to urinate.

InTone also provides voice-guided exercises using biofeedback that improves your use of the device. The biofeedback displays on a lighted bar graph, indicating the strength of the contraction in your pelvic floor muscles during your exercise session. Your strength is measured in hundredths of a pound per square inch.

Each InTone treatment session lasts 12 minutes, using the same directions that you would receive from your doctor or therapist. Simply follow the directions on the hand-held control unit, and experience InTone’s deep muscle stimulation.

After you complete your session, the device stores the information about the strength of your muscle contractions so that you and your physician can easily review it. Every piece of information is labeled with the date of the session, and the device can hold information for up to 800 sessions. This makes InTone the only device for home use that allows you to track your progress and success.

How can I get started with InTone?

Talk to your doctor about InTone to see if it is the right treatment for you. Your muscle stimulation will be customized by your physician to ensure that it properly works your muscles. After your initial visit to the doctor, you will have a follow up visit after about two weeks to examine the progress you’ve made and make any needed adjustments to the muscle stimulation levels. Any other visits to the doctor are to be arranged by your doctor, and usually happen once a month for the first three months.

After you achieve the desired results, you will continue to use InTone twice every week to ensure that your incontinence symptoms do not return.

Do not put up with incontinence symptoms for a moment longer – talk to your doctor for more information about InControl Medical’s InTone device.